Commercial Activities

No commercial hunting activities.No commercial activities are permitted by Association members or any other at any time in any form on any Association lease.

Commercial activities include those which may or may not generate income for any persons involved.

Activities such as, but not limited to, dog training, field trials, trapping, video, guide service, etc., are not permitted on Mid-America Hunting Association leased properties by any person, member or not.

Our only service is self guided hunts for do it yourself hunters.

Further permissions/prohibitions are contained in a single ruling document governing this Association titled Conditions Of Membership.


Having said all of this. A notice to all hunt videographers, credit card companies, magazine article writers, advertisers and any others seeking such an activity. All are well advised not to contact us.

We also prohibit any form of paid advertisements or promotion of any material item or service to our members, sale of membership personal information or any other third party commercial activity.

We do advertise local lodging, wrecker, veterinarian and meat locker services to our hunters. This is a yellow pages type listing to make up for the shortcomings on local telephone directories and on line data. None are paid for. A free to the service provider and user service for the benefit of all Association hunters.

If it seems our redundancies or detail is excessive it is due to those caught wrong trying to justify their behavior. We are clear what we allow, do not allow. If not wanting to comply then do not apply for inclusion.

Kansas pheasant

Bryan a long time Kansas pheasant hunter.

Quail hunting is the toughest hunt.

Wild quail hunting is the Association's most challenging hunt.

Mike showing a double during Kansas spring turkey season.


Teal hunting

TJ's first hunting dog. A morning teal hunt.


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