Conditions of Membership or Rules

Mid-America Hunting Association Conditions of Membership should be considered a must read document.

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Our rules and costs are immutable. Meaning we do not have any salesmen, advisors, or consultants to negotiate pricing or services. Prospective applicants need not waste time with crafty negotiation techniques.

When an applicant speaks with us he is talking directly to who do all the work to make the Association work. No middlemen.


Have a good read of our rules and while a bit long, drawn out and a boring read they will provide the relationship between the hunter and the Association. Always feel free to call any day or evening to address concerns. Our telephone number is at the bottom of every web page.

Our Conditions of Membership list all permissions/prohibitions defining what we are willing to provide for monies paid.

Our Association is more than a bushiness like a car dealership or shoe store. It is a collective of like minded folks who strive for the same benefit. Private land, self guided hunts. It is that most, the members, pay for land while others, staff, do all the work to acquire, maintain it. It takes both to make it all work. If one side feels it is just a 40 hour week job or the other feels once paid for he has no other obligations then this thing we have will fail. It has survived since 1965 as for the most part both sides hold up more than minimum requirements. The staff works when work is available or must be done extending well beyond 40 hours a week. Hunters do more than just hunt. They promote their Association to others, on forums, providing pictures, feedback on land quality, patrol others who they may encounter on the land. The rules provide a framework for an extra bit which makes their Association better than public land.


One of Don's dogs. He like many, Don enjoys his hunting pictures as much as the hunt. One more from a Kansas pheasant hunting trip. The picture will last longer than the hunt, meal or far too short lived hunting buddies.
Nice Bird, TJ