Hunting Dogs

Hunting dog rules highlighted.We do not provide any dogs for anyone's use.

Our rules section contains a complete listing of permissions/limitations concerning dogs on Association lands.

Essentially, all dogs must be personally, fully owned by Association hunters using them. Our lands are for hunting, not dog training. No field trials, off-season dog presence or during season commercial dog training of any type is permitted.

Missouri duck hunting with a less well known waterfowl dog.

Matt's non-typical waterfowl dog after an early season Missouri waterfowl trip.

Missouri quail hunting dog on his first season in the Association.

Andrew with his pup Sven.

Dog on quail retrive in Missouri.Each hunter and hunting party is limited to the number of dogs which may be on the ground at one time. That limit is two dogs per Association hunter hunting alone. Or, when hunting with other members not more than three. More dogs may be in their truck boxes. They may be rotated.

Duck blind reservations require identification of a dog for any hunt.

A controlling idea about dogs is to fully enjoy their enhancement of a hunt while not overpowering wildlife.

Kansas private land quail hunting

Private land wild quail hunting.

Mixed bag quail and pheasant hunting.

Mixed bag hunts.


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