Family Hunts

youth deer huntingFamily memberships are limited to those who:

  1. Live in the same home, or
  2. are listed on the same tax return, or
  3. special guardianship situations, or
  4. married.

Grandparent to grandchild without intervening parent do not qualify.

A child dependent must be under 22 years of age and in college or under 19 in high school.

Spouses qualify for family memberships.

Spouses who hunt together on the same schedule may join with the second spouse at half price. If two spouses want to hunt different spots/times then each must have individual memberships.

Child family members must hunt under control of parents who are members on the same numbered/lettered farm.

See our Cost page for pricing discounts for family members.

Non-hunting spouses and his or her children not yet old enough to hunt may accompany an Association member on his/her hunts without being enrolled on a family membership. This includes when children are in the BB gun stage of training.

Once children become of age to harvest game then members must upgrade to a family membership. Upgrade is for both set up fees and annual dues from the amount at the parent’s original joining to present values when dependent are added.

Many members combine a family vacation with a hunting or scouting trip. A popular family destinations in very close proximity to some of our hunting lands is Branson Missouri entertainment/resort.

Family Hunts
Bryan's best hunting partner.
youth deer hunting
Julie, first bow harvest.
Family Hunts
Family Hunting