kansas iowa missouriFor those flying in to hunt or scout this map shows driving time in hours from Kansas City to various marked locations where we lease land.

Some areas appear closer than listed time. However, highway quality to those locations is less than to others.

Rental car experience has shown peak car rental periods are overlapping Kansas pheasant and Missouri rifle deer seasons. Both start on the second Saturday in November. During this period 4WD/SUV's should be reserved in advance.

Jeremy during the Missouri deer hunting season warm temperatures.

Jeremy - again!

To save some money on lower cost compact rentals rather than the higher cost SUV need to be based on likelihood of rain. Inclusive if on-the-spot possibly of an upgrade to an SUV incase of unplanned rain. The chart below gives average rainfalls during frequent periods of hunters flying in. The concern is road quality and rain effect on our country roads. If it is dry a two wheel drive compact will be able to traverse 90% of our country roads. If we get as little as a 1/4 inch of rain it will require a four wheel drive truck to travel all country roads.

Rain Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Average Precipitation 5.1 3.8 2.3 1.5 1.1 1.1 2.6 3.6 5.3

Hunters who fly in to scout or hunt typically fall into three categories.

First, a deer hunter who flies in to have a combination dove shoot, deer scouting trip during early September.

Second category, are spring turkey hunters flying in for a quick two day hunt.

Third, are those who fly out to meet up with hunting buddies who drove in.

Kansas quail hunting for wild quail on private land over a long season.

Kansas quail hunting - dog steady through shot.

Spring turkey season in Kansas.

Jeremy, again. Special day. The fist spring tom he ever harvested. He trained himself to be a turkey hunter. A special accomplishment for any hunter.

Thor and Steen a Missouri goose hunting team.



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