Hunting Guests

Guests are very restricted. Restricted to a point they should not be part of any decision process. If guests are a prime concern then we are not the right choice.

Below is a summary. For complete details see our Rules section.

A Mid-America Hunting Association member is allowed up to four guest passes per year for upland and waterfowl only. Family memberships are similarly limited to four passes. Not four passes for each hunter on a family membership.

Any one person may accompany a member on a guest hunt for a maximum of four days. Ever. After that guests either join or never returns to Association lands.

Former members are not permitted to hunt as guests.

No guests allowed during deer or turkey season.

Upland guests are only allowed after Thanksgiving weekend and until January 15.

Missouri teal season first year pup.

First season pup on an early teal season hunt.

Duck hunting guest reservations for a blind are only accepted after Friday 12:00, noon.

A non-refundable guest pass fee must be paid in advance of any guest hunt. Members may not charge a guest to hunt Association leases as this meets the state's legal definition of a licensed guide service. Guiding is not permitted on Association leases under any circumstances.

The controlling idea on guest management is to allow members an opportunity to take a special friend or family member on a one time hunting experience. The Association itself has and will always continue to exist for the benefit of its members and its members alone.

Kansas wild quail hunting with one old dog.

An old dog on a Kansas quail hunt.

hunting budies on a guest hunt.

Hot, dry, opening week hunt.

goose hunt

Late goose season.


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