We do not provide any guide service. We do not permit any type of guide service on our properties. We offer self guided hunts the way it should be, that is, you and the land.

Jamie on deer hunting.

Jamie's third trophy in his Association.

Kansas quail hunting for those with their own dogs does not mean limits every day.We will provide huntable, game productive habitat for your hunting or fishing interest. You provide all skill. Do it yourself hunters will find opportunity to hunt more than time or energy to spend.

Between our online road maps showing land location and our telephone recommendations of where to hunt for what is sought most hunters can take care of themselves. To make it easier we provide a lodging resource for every county where we lease land.

Everyone's first year on the ground will be the least productive for any hunter, local or from out of state. One price all hunters must pay by their self is to cover ground. That is the true cost of no guides.

Byan on dove hunting

From Bryan on one hot weather dove hunt.

One versatile hunting dog showing his duck harvest from a Missouri wetlands.

Matt after Missouri duck hunting trip showing his versatile dog.

Self guided turkey


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Spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt.