Hunting Licenses

Hunters are responsible for their own hunting licenses.

We will assist with providing decision criteria for which hunting license to purchase or tag to apply for. This is largely focused on regional dispersion of wildlife.

On planning with multiple choices MAHA offers it is best to concentrate in one state. Most folks who stick with this Association for more than 10 years do so. It is all about time available and having a concentrated quality hunt rather than spreading yourself too thin. No one hunts it all. If many folks did we would have to increase our prices by a large margin.

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The Goal Is The Best Hunt Possible

We recognize not all of our private land regions in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa are equal in production and huntable habitat. We also do not require new to their Association hunters to operate in a vacuum from our first hand knowledge of our land. A three part service we provide is private land access, local lodging listing and first season recommendations. Those recommendations are right to a point of where to park your truck, step out and hunt. Those recommendations of where to hunt include discussions of what tags and licenses to purchase.


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Late duck season goose hunt and the young guns that have the energy to put out the large spreads. Jon's crew.

Hunting Regulations

We also require all hunters to be responsible for themselves at knowing the state and federal wildlife regulation. The only good source for such information starts with each state’s wildlife agencies. Begin at their web sites.

Like all who break-in to a new state for hunting all information does not come at once. Working with us, conducting research and simply getting out there will all add up soon enough. Routine will settle in. A good approach is to start small and build on prior trips. Get a handful of recommended spots for any first trip. Work those spots over. On subsequent trips pick up where having previously left off and add to your land knowledge from nearby spots. Continue to do so each trip. It will not be long when anyone is arguing with their self of where they want to hunt.