Identification Card - Hunt With Written Permission

Hunting land access permission tags and cards.All members will have displayed within their hunting vehicle while parked on or near Mid-America Hunting Association leased land their unique serial numbers interior rearview mirror hanger. One is shown at right. The sign on the power line pole is an Association posting.

That vehicle tag along with a wallet Association identification card both serve as land access with permission.

Missouri goose hunting the late season with future goose hunters.

An Association issued identification card must be carried by all members when on Association lease lands. That Association card along with a government issued photo identification complete required identification material. Both must be presented on demand to landowners, other Association hunters (self policing) or to the partners.

Josh on early deer season

Josh - the early season has been good.

Kansas turkey hunting with two tags, all day long hunting and two toms in one day at teh same setup.

Kansas allows two toms in one day during spring season.

Dove hunt


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