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Spring Turkey

spring turkey hunting

A warm last week of the season hunt, very pleasant weather. The toms looking wide for hens, or at least a decoy.

Mid-America Hunting Association does not simply allocate Association hunter slots to all who have an ability to pay. We have been in this business for a long time. They have much experience with knowing who will and who will not be successful within this self guided hunter organization. It is to that end we conduct a telephone interview with all who seek admission.

Our interview is simple. We will inquire to any applicant's hunting interest. A discussion of our rules connected to those interests will be discussed. That discussion has some goals.

First goal, is to insure as much as we can no surprises later on part of any hunter.

Second, determine if hunter and Association are a good fit. If so then acceptance is issued.

We also seek to satisfy all hunter's questions as well.

The interview generally takes around 20 minutes. At its closure the applicant will know of his status.

Kansas wild quail hunting for self guided hunters with their own dogs only.

Steve, long time wirehair hunter.

We have at times been criticized for what appears to be too lenient of an entrance process. We view it differently. It is easy to identify those we do not want to work with. Those telephone conversations typically end in the first 20 seconds. Nothing given away in this discussion. Those who tell on themselves never read this page.

It is within the range of all hunters there are those who fit a narrow profile who are successful in our approach to hunting. We seek to work with those folks, Those folks stick with their Association for many years.

Missouri deer hunting sucess from teh opening week of archery season.


Deer scouting in September

Severin on deer scouting.

None should hesitate to give us a call to answer their questions, clarify any topic found on our web site or any other concern they may have. Talking is the easiest thing we can do. Our telephone number is at the bottom of every web page.

Jerad turkey hunt


Duck hunt

Not every day are tags or bags filled.

Buddy hunts

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