Hunting Lease Acreage Held By Mid-America Hunting Association

hunting lease landHunting lease land under contract with Mid-America Hunting Association for membership exclusive use.

For those who enjoy good hunting without hassle of knocking on doors or competition of public land. We offer such hunting land in Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. And, only those states. We are not expanding. We are in decades of quality enhancement not quantity. Never will we be in too many states or have too much land than we can directly monitor. It does take contract duration and seasonal eyes on any land to insure we get what we pay for.

private hunting lease landHunting lease land driving distances shows these states are closer than many think. Most agree it is better to drive a bit farther for better hunting land than a shorter distance and go nature walking.

Where The Hunting Land Is

Shown below on state maps are land locations within Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Posted are county names, relative location within their state and hunting lease acreage amount within named counties.


Iowa hunting lease land is located in non-resident deer zone 4 and zone 5.

It is all contained within spring turkey zone 4.

Our land region is along highway 2 between Corydon and Bedford Iowa.

All of the Association hunting land is within the upper fringe of the Grand River Watershed rising north from Missouri. It is composed of grass, brush and wooded drainage's both wet and dry cutting through the crop fields connecting wood patches. The combination of cover and food is repeated many times. Predominate crops in this rich soil and good rainfall locality are soybeans and corn.

Iowa hunting covers deer, turkey, quail and pheasant.

Waterfowl is limited to dry sets and mostly for return migration goose.

Lease pheasant hunt



Kansas hunting lease land covers deer management units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17.

All of the Association land is within watershed regions. Or, where grain crops are grown. The Association does not lease any land in hill country (pasture).

Kansas crops have the most diversity of our three state region. Corn, soybean, wheat, milo and alfalfa will be found in many regions both irrigated and dry land.

Kansas offers diversity of wildlife. Mule and Whitetail Deer, Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey, quail and pheasant and Prairie Chicken as a bonus. Waterfowl is limited to farm ponds, watershed lakes and crop sets. Ducks are found in sufficient numbers along the eastern region getting better further traveled into Missouri. Goose hunting can be very good on crop fields near state refuge wetlands.

Lease goose hunt



Missouri hunting lease land is all within grain farming regions of west central and north Missouri. No land is leased in the Ozark Mountain Region. Our idea is hunt where there is food.

Missouri has plenty of turkeys, a high deer density, historically the most quail coveys. Missouri certainly excels at waterfowl. All of the Associations wetlands work is in Missouri where the central and Mississippi Flyways converge.

What Missouri lacks are pheasants. Iowa does half as good as Kansas when it comes to pheasant hunting with Missouri not in consideration. Any pheasant harvested in Missouri should be considered a bonus.

Private land hunting lease for the self guided hunter who wants to enjoy the day without the work of working with the landowner.

Bryan. Hunt the buck of choice. Many personal bests have been tagged on Association land.

Bryan again showing diversity of hunting lease success.

Bryan again. Diversity of the hunting experience making for the more satisfied feeling of hunting enough.


Hunting lease land location to lodging, meat lockers and other hunter services, Go to lodging and other services located near Association hunting land >>>.

Hunting your style on your schedule on your choice of land.


Putting It All Together

Hunting lease land is what we provide. Along with recommendations where to hunt and a lodging listing. Hunters must provide for them selves what he can do easily. That is travel, meals, licensing and his own hunting skill. We will assist self guided hunters their first year/trip/hunt. We will insure he is going to the right region in any of our three states for what he is hunting. Then recommend down to farms with habitat that supports his hunts. However, once on a property it is the hunter who decides how his hunt will proceed.

Hunting Lease Quality

Lease quality is a frequent inquiry of those anticipating applying for a membership.

One answer is not all of our acreage has game productive habitat for any one particular hunting interest. A duck hunter is largely limited to our managed wetlands, farm ponds and watershed lakes. Deer hunters are always in search of wooded patches along crop fields. Pheasant hunters want large stands of tall grass prairie. Quail hunters seek wide soft edge habitat on milo fields. We do have all. Not all on every spot/region/county.

With our approached to hunting lease land we seek to accommodate deer, turkey, upland bird, waterfowl, fishing, interests. That does require regional dispersion meaning a hunter will have to travel to where his game of choice is as it is not everywhere where we lease.

An advantage to our approach includes while a deer hunter enjoys a wooded creek bottom with over grown fallow pasture a quail hunter hunts the edges. Together these two hunters pay for this spot land while using it at different times. Both at a much lower cost than either could pay for it as a single use ground. An economic approach which allows several such spots allowing each hunter to have more than a couple to hunt.

Add to this that more than half of Association hunters come from 41 states. The range of trips extends from a bottom average of nine days, two travel seven hunting during fall seasons to 16 days throughout any year. The difference between these two groups is many hunters come out for a one week hunt in the fall, typically deer and waterfowl hunters. We we do not see them again until next year. The 16 day range folks are a combination of locals who hunt mostly weekends and traveling hunters who fall hunt, spring turkey hunt, separate scouting trips, or bird hunters who usually hunt two trips. Fishing only memberships are excluded from these counts.

All of the above is management of the hunter/member. When it comes to habitat we will not say 100% of it is huntable habitat. We have contracts on active large and small farms, fallow farms, trust land, CRP, investment and corporate farms. They all have a great variety of uses with varying habitat. Trust your Association staff to ensure every hunter is on good habitat for what he is after.

Guarantees? Never, this is hunting.

Why trust us? It is we seek return hunters for years, not just one hunt.


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