Membership Agreement

The Association requires before any fully paid hunter accesses any Association land he/she has provided a completed Membership Agreement.

Have a look at the Mid-America Hunting Association Agreement and release of liability form. All should consider this a “must read” document.

The Agreement has three points to it.

First, pay to gain land access to scout, hunt, fish. No other access or purpose is permitted.

Second, agree to follow Association rules. Rules are the relationship which exists between hunters and the Association.

Third, release of liability agreement. Should any hunter, or anyone with him/her, hurt themselves or anyone else they are singularly responsible for all actions, injuries or results.

Return the membership agreement by FAX, email or snail mail. The instructions for all are on the bottom of the last page.

Before completing the membership agreement have a read of the Association Rules/procedures, titled as Conditions of Membership.



Waterfowl over One of Our Wetlands

This was from a morning goose hunt.
Classic wild Kansas pheasant hunting. Don's crew.
Classic wild Kansas pheasant hunting. Don's crew.
From Jeremy. Kansas Rio Grande Turkey scouting.
Chase, from early youth season.