Non-Resident Hunters Are Taken Care Of

As of February 9, 2018 the Association has a non-resident membership over 62%. Hunters currently come from 41 states.

This map shows driving distances in hours. The start point is Kansas City International (MCI) airport. The numbers are drive time hours to the farthest locations where the Association leases land.


One benefit to do it yourself non-resident hunters provided by Mid-America Hunting Association is a friendly point of contact.

Specifics include: Provide confidence of hunting private lease land. A lodging resource near hunting lands. Recommendations of where to hunt for what is being sought on that critical first trip.

There is no guess work.

Long before leaving home all self guided hunters will know exactly where they will be hunting and where they will lodge. When any hunter pulls out of his driveway he is driving directly to his hunting ground without any delay to check in or knock on doors. Land usage reservations are to our office. Not to landowners.

Hunters hunt until his last possible moment he has then departs for home.

Anytime a hunter is not hunting it is at his election.

Missouri goose hunting showing a lab on rertieve with a snow goose.

Return migration.

Always A Risk

Confidence applying for membership is a safe decision comes from different sources.

First, we have been in continual existence since 1965. To have lasted a long life we would have to provide hunters with what it is they want.

A second source of confidence is, we want hunters for a yearly tradition of hunting with us. For as often as they may like. To ensure they come back we have to make sure their hunting trips are as successful as possible.

This organization would not have and will not survive with a high turnover of hunters. We have quality hunting. That attracts and keeps a quality hunter who in turn protects Association land, wildlife and club. Most Association hunters are derived as sponsored by current hunters. Those coming in cold without knowing anyone who is an Association hunter are a minority.

Not all who apply are accepted. Our interview is a screening to see if we area good fit. Discussions are centered on Association Conditions Of Membership. Benefit to hunters on joining includes association with mature, reasonable sportsmen.

Risk the Association assumes is damage to its reputation should the wrong kind of hunter be allocated a slot. A hunter who cannot comply with state hunting regulations, Association rules or simply finds the self guided aspect too hard only detracts through communication with others about his experiences. We work to avoid such discussions.

Deer hunting in Kansas where hunters without land access do not hunt well.

Brent. Good hunting on good land.

We Leave No Hunter To Fallow

We do not guide. However, be assured we will not leave the do it yourself hunter to his own resources. We will recommend hunting regions and properties. These will be historic producers of quality game. We then focus him to specific properties. He is free to hunt those properties, scout out his own or simply pick up and move onto another lease elsewhere. This effort is a jump start to a new membership. It is not a continuing year to year effort. We are not the personal guides to any one hunter. The concept is parity. Anything the Association does it is for all hunters. Never any special service to any one hunter above that provided to all.

True Country Hunting

Pack a lunch every day for the country side is as it looks in this picture. Just about as rural as you can get. Traveling into town to get a hot lunch means more time than most will want to cover.

nonresident hunter

From Kevin, a long time quail hunter. A day when he could not get away from his truck before his dog pointed a covey.

Two Types

Non-resident hunters fall into two categories. Those who fly in or drive in.

For those who fly in they do so for two basic reasons. First, to scout. Typically, done during two periods. During spring turkey season with a turkey hunt overlapping a deer scouting trip. Second, is during an early September combination dove hunt and deer scout.

Waterfowl and upland hunters rarely scout. They simply travel to our leases during the hunting season. All should rest assured they will be recommended to productive habitat.

A other category of hunters who fly in do so to deer hunt during the season without scouting.

In all cases it generally goes like this. Fly into Kansas City International Airport. Get a rental car. Drive to a hunting spot. All that simple.

Kansas pheasant hunting during winter snow with a black lab.

Late season, winter, Kansas pheasant hunting. Bob with his favored hunting partner showing a good day.

Rental Hunting Vehicles

Two considerations when deciding to rent a vehicle. One, probability of rain. Second, peak or off peak periods.

Rain is a concern as it takes as little as a 1/4 inch to make many of our country roads impassible to two wheel drive vehicles. A four-wheel drive vehicle will be required if it is wet or going to be.

Peak rental period out here is during hunting seasons. Opening week of Kansas upland bird (starting the second Saturday in November). That combines with Missouri's rifle deer season opening the same Saturday. If hunting during this period book your rental early.

During off peak periods hunters have reserved lower cost two wheel drive vehicles. They upgrade on the spot to an SUV if it should rain right before their arrival or be predicted during their trip.

During peak periods SUVs must be reserved in advance. They do seem to be in short supply.

Drive In To Hunt

For those driving in simply travel to their reserved land location and begin using it for scouting/hunting. All land usage for any reason is only after a reservation with confirmation email.

Our Association maps will get all hunters to the right property. Once there the ground is marked with our unique Association hunting signs.

No check in or checking out with landowners. No stopping by the Association office is required. All hunters must do is make their telephone or online reservations. Hunters may begin hunting the first moment of arrival to last light of their last day of their trip.

Buddy Hunts

We offer a buddy hunt system. This is where we team up hunters of similar interests.

Combined with our lodging listing and ability to make hunting reservations up to 30 days in advance of a hunt makes an entire trip more comfortable.

Or, Not

For do it yourself hunters who wishes to hunt alone he may do so in the solitude of nature. No drive, gangs or organized large group hunts allowed.

Kansas turkey hunting spring season for the average hunter wanting a good place to hunt.

Al, he'll fill all spring tags.

Of special note on our lodging lists are country B&Bs. These are not always romantic getaway B&Bs with country motifs and potpourri planters. They may be fully fitted homes open for public daily/weekly rental. Advantages these bring are for hunting spouses or buddy groups who wish to have more time together. For those wanting to hunt out of a B&B early reservations are very much encouraged as they do book up quickly.


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