Hunting Recommendations

Mid-America Hunting will provide recommendations where to hunt to new Association hunters. These recommendations will be based on their personal boots on ground experience they gain from year round working leases.

Missouri early September deer bow season.

Doris. Opening day trophy deer.

Pointing dog on quail point during a Kansas hunting trip.

Kelly. Enjoying the dogs on a good day.

Members can have confidence these recommendations will be sound. Both Jon and John recognize the only reason any new member will renew their membership is if they have a good hunt. As a business, not a hunting club, it is the returning customer/hunter who is sought.

Recommendation Validation

Trust the hunting recmmendations received.Besides hunting, it is horses that are John Wenzel's get-away-from-work diversion recreation activity. And, that is, horses without fancy cowboy hats, buckles or boots. Just work clothes and enjoying life with animals.

This is John working two weanlings (lead conditioning in this picture) on his farm in Kansas..

There is much difference between taking a horse from foal to Do it youref in all forms of life's activities. Not just hunting.reliable riding horse compared to getting on a hunting guide's 15 year old mount. That do it yourself distinction applies fully to the Association self guided hunts. John and his partner Jon Nee simply make it possible for the hunter to enjoy his hunts.

We both have also traveled to hunt knowing full well what it takes to give assurance to others traveling into our area they will have a successful trip.

Second picture down, the same horse as the one on the top (left) a couple of years later. Horses take much longer than bird dogs to get to their performance objective. A confident ride starts after six years of use. A safe horse typically takes ten years of work. Horses are prey animals scared of everything.

A side caveat is many hunters want to believe Jon and John hunt all the time. That they have an ideal job drawing income from a recreational pursuit. Any self-employed businessman will tell you anything worked as a living is not sought after during off time. In our case getting away from hunting, hunters and landowners is our relaxation time.

Add to that, both Jon and John have family concerns just as anyone else. With wife and children, other recreational activities such as youth sports, horses, fishing, and family vacations plus running a hunting business they do not have as much free time as many would suppose to hunt on their own. While they do in fact hunt and that is a great strength to the organization for getting hunters where they need to be. It is that running a hunting business puts food on the table. Why all may feel confident they will get good recommendations of where to hunt.

Chris on a spring season Iowa turkey hunt.


Recommendations are not for life span of a membership. They are a jump start to a hunter's career in his Association. Like all things there does come a time to be cut loose. Typically, after a first trip/season/hunt a hunter has a good grasp of how it all works and is in his own development mode. He typically refines where he wants to hunt changing land as more scouting/hunting unfolds.

Any person who repeatedly for years calls us for recommendations we begin to believe has failed to put into action the self guided aspect of his Association.

Do not wait until a hunting season is on us to call for recommendations. Map access is year round. Talk to us before that first trip well in advance of the season. Once the season is on we may not be in the office as much as some may want. The two partners need to be out on the land. They are not always hunting. They are observing who is or is not hunting. They are observing what landowners land use is/changing into.

Another good practice is to make a practice reservation online a month before any desired reservation. Do so when our secretary is in the office, M-F, 9-530. Check to insure access is possible not having forgotten passwords, sending in tag copies, annual update requirement, etc. If there are difficulties they may be worked out before they become an anxiety issue.

quail retrieve

Kelly on retrieve.

average day

Kelly and TJ on a less than limit day.


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