We do not post references. That would encourage simply too many casual inquiries to our members. We protect everyone's privacy to as we do our own.

Young lady turkey hunter.


We will provide references to those who have gone through our application process. That is to a point of having completed a telephone interview and before any payment is made. Those who we agree are a good fit to our approach to hunting will be provided more folks to talk to than most will take time to call.

Any email or telephone call request for references before we have had a chance to speak directly with the applicant are not honored.

Charles with his Kansas pheasant hunting crew of true German Wirehaird dogs.

Charles and his German Wirehairs.

References we provide will be a segment of our membership list. References are rotated to insure not any one person receives too many calls. None will oversell our Association. Most will say the Association is not perfect. Just the best option they have found.

Roger and his successful Kansas deer hunt.

Roger and a successful deer hunt.

Conversations are most effective after a reading of our rules and membership agreement.

Missouri duck and goose hunting for the waterfowl hunter wanting to avoid public hunting land.

Al and Frank.

If there is an interest in attaining references perhaps the next page that should be reviewed is the Association's application process. What should be picked up on is not every one who has the ability to pay is allocated a membership.


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