Land Usage

of any kind

requires a reservation

For All Use

Hunting Land ReservationsAll scouting, stand/camera placement/removal, hunting or fishing of Mid-America Hunting Association lease lands is only after a telephone or online reservation.

That is to mean any land usage for any reason any time any Association person wants to step foot on any land.


Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance of land usage.

By telephone Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5:30PM. Members' only telephone number provided on Association issued ID cards. Voice only, no text.

Or, 24/7 online through our map web site.

In each case reservation confirmation is immediate. By email.

All will be able to hunt every day they have. All will have a choice of spots each day. Regardless of when making a reservation.

hunting lease land mapsHunting Land Maps

All land is available to all Association hunters through an online roadmap library showing how to get to every spot. Maps are copies of the state issued county road maps, the same as used by county utilities and sheriffs.

Mid-America Hunting Association land is highlighted in black and all tracts are numbered/lettered. Acreage per map sheet is variable due to how many farms we can put onto a single sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper before we shrink it down to where the bi-focal generation may begin to have trouble reading it.


Reservations provide two services to hunters.

First, is to limit the number of hunters per spot at one time.

Second, is to prevent hunters from stepping in right after someone else has hunted any particular lease.

Waterfowl reservations

Opening weekend, early ducks. Well before peak migration.

A seasoned waterfowl hunter may criticize the picture caption above for its redundancy. We have found being more explanatory in our information covers a diverse experience ranges of readers. Or, we work with new to waterfowl hunters as much as gray hairs.

All Will Hunt On Days Wanted

No Association hunter will ever be denied hunting. Whenever they want to hunt during any regulated state or federal season.

It does not matter how many hunting days anyone has. Whether it is three or thirty. Association hunters may hunt every day they have available to them. Fishing follows the same as for hunting. Scouting is limited on some seasonal leases.

Reality is often different than planning. Reality is that 80% of Association hunters reserve a range from 9 to 16 days per year. Or, no one hunts as much as they think they do. Our pricing is set for average usage.

Those over 16 days include fishing only memberships that generally fish 4 or more days a month spring to fall. Deer hunters go the other direction with the common trip being 9 days with seven hunting. All we are getting at here is there is plenty of land available over many season days giving all a choice where to spend their time.


All hunters receive the same membership hunting lease map/reservation online availability. They have access to the same online or telephone reservation system. No seniority system, draws, lotteries or special interests, additional charges, etc., all have parity for lease land access.

Reservations are on a first come first choice basis. See Pressure page to view actual hunter reservations from the last several seasons.

Deer Or Turkey

Deer and turkey hunters reserve an individually numbered spot. They hunt there alone. Larger properties are subdivided into smaller spots to ensure hunter separation. This also prevents others from applying undue pressure by simply walking through more ground than they could ever hunt.

Pheasant Or Quail

Upland bird hunters would reserve an entire upland unit. They will on their discretion pick and choose where they want to hunt. Units vary in acreage from 160 to 4,000 acres. Those going to a small acreage unit would receive more than one unit per day to hunt. Each unit has a gun limit. Units are used to spread hunting parties. If a county has three units of land and there is no one hunting any of them the first that calls has his selection of the three units for the days he wants to hunt. The next hunter to call in for the same county has his selection of the remaining two units and so on.

Youth spring turkey season young lady hunter





Duck hunters must pick a numbered blind/seat such as numbers 1-3 below. Wade-in areas (none on this example) are also designated and reserved separately.


The difference in reservations by type of hunting discipline is all based on the value of lease land by hunting discipline.

Not all lease land is equal in cost. Not all hunting is equal in needs. Trust us that all will get hunting commensurate with membership dues insuring all want to return for years of hunts to come. Our testimonial section will provide proof.

Bottom line is, if we as a self guided hunting lease organization continue to manage land use and membership levels as we always have we get to continue. Because hunters get what they want.

Sample at 1/2 scale showing how in the central Midwest land is organized into 1x1 mile sections and then sub parts of that section and so are the roads.

lease land hunters

Young bow deer hunter proudly showing his best yet harvest.

Brian. Hunt your buck of choice.


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