Too good to be true...

Association hunting is not too good to be true.Too good to be true is something we hear from folks who review our web site. Motivation for that idea seems to come from how large our web site is. Test that idea by watching our videos and giving us a call to discuss our hunting. Most will find our point blank approach worthy of additional research.

About Our Web Site

Typically, only large corporations can afford the cost of a large web site. Mid-America Hunting Association could never afford anywhere the cost it would incur to make a site this large if they had to pay someone else to make it. The MAHA Partners John Wenzel and Jon Nee work the leases harder than this web site. They are the ones who develop this web site. No paid subcontractor on this effort.

That dedication is also expressed towards Association hunters. The working relationship developed motivates hunters to send in their pictures and stories.

For the average work a day hunter.

Jim with one more.

About this web site. Payback to Association hunters is those who do review it thoroughly are not under any false understanding of what we offer. If people thoroughly agree with what they are paying for they are more likely to remain with us for years. And, what we offer. A chance to spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt!

First duck hunting success.

Missouri pond duck hunt first success.

These pictures, hunting accounts and such represent special days. They are just that, days, not entire hunts. To have one day a picture of a trophy whitetail is taken, two toms tagged in one morning, a limit of quail, a drake only limit hunt for four, takes an entire hunting trip to accomplish. This hunt experience is complete with many days of far less rewarding memories. To sum up these pictures on this web site and want this level of success each day or even each hunting trip will produce even one such special day is not a reasonable expectation. What is reasonable to expect is a good hunt. That good hunt is defined as self guided, on private land, natural wildlife and season long without competition found on public lands.

Bob with his annual Kansas pheasant hunt.

Bob's annual Kansas pheasant hunt.

Kansas quail hunting often means finding pheasants.

Don, on a Kansas quail hunt with pheasants getting in the way.

Proud dad with two youth turkey hunters.


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Spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt.