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whitetail deer

It is a matter of pride we can develop relationships between MAHA partners and member/hunters with hunters feeling comfortable at sending in their success pictures.

What a dumb thing for anyone to ask. It is an immediate membership disqualification. Such a question comes only from those seeking to defraud this Association.

What business in the world gives away its product for free that others pay for? If there is an organization that does, its product must be pretty poor.

We do not provide any pre-membership hunts or tours. This requires some explanation due to our continuation of receiving this question. It continues to surprise us folks have the audacity to request of a business that business' services for free.

Integrity In Action

It is the fully paid membership who has rights to Association land. We will not violate that trust. Allowing day hunts, pre-membership hunts, etc., would only add pressure to our land decreasing its hunt quality. It would also increase office administration costs. Together they would detract from membership hunt quality.

This policy is also enforced against current members that are attempting to get their friends to join. Their fiends can join like everyone else. No one gets specialized treatment.

Kenin a hard core Missouri quail hunter


For Low level Thinkers

A dumb analogy provided by another to overcome our thinking on this topic explained:

No one buys clothes or a house without trying those clothes on or touring the house interior prior to purchase.

Failing of this logic is clothes fitting or house tour does not consume the product. That product (clothes or house) is available to others who may want to buy. Hunter pressure on land once applied has consumed that resource. The very reason our reservation system counts each reservation as a hunter pressure day for all land regardless of who or how hard anyone may actually have hunted it.

Our management approach to limiting pressure continues with no off-road vehicles, no guests, no camping, no gang, party or drive hunts, scouting curtailment at season start. That is on top of limiting total members. We take it further by limiting sub-categories of hunters. Meaning only so many deer, upland bird, waterfowl and turkey hunters. We are serious about hunt execution quality.

Enough said. No one needs talk to us about this topic.

Chrales old girl on a mixed bag Kansas quail and pheasant hunt.

Charles' old girl. Kansas offers such mixed bag quail and pheasant hunts.

Missouri duck hunting.

What the inside of the blind should look like.

Alex on a Kansas spring season turkey hunt.

Alex, a long time spring turkey hunter.

Brian with son and his personal best deer.

Brian, happy as all should be.


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