Association Hunter Turnover

Always room for a picture of a couple of good looking dogs. Two setters on break during a late season Kansas pheasant hunt.

Membership turnover is believed to be an evaluative tool on hunting club quality.

We track turnover infrequently. It is not a primary concern. Meaning turnover is not a financial impact affecting hunt quality. During parts of any year a waiting list or select hunting interest closures for a season occur.

Some Quit

Hunters do quit. Some hunters will quit after their first year claiming bad hunts. It is we will never satisfy all. Any attempt to satisfy everyone would likely lead to greater dissatisfaction. Our Association works for those who it has evolved to support since starting in 1965.

Not every one will do well in a self guided environment over strange ground. Not everyone has the ability to change techniques for different ground. Not all will have good dog power for their desired success. Some will come with overblown expectations that could never be fulfilled.

A great majority of those who hunt with this Association one season do so again for years.

A good day Mike had on Kansas pheasants.

Mike had a good day chasing Kansas pheasants.

Profile Of Renewals

Archery deer hunters both local and non-resident have the highest renewal rate. The belief is hard seasoning bow hunting requires filters out less dedicated hunters. Those who do bow hunt find our land resource provides their best available option to cover ground for a buck of choice.

Modern firearms deer hunters who are local usually have another hunting interest as their primary enjoyment. The rifle season is just additional, or opening weekend activity. They have a high renewal rate based on their other interest.

Contrast shows well with traveling modern firearms deer hunters. This category has our lowest renewal rate. Traveling firearms deer hunters fall into one of two categories. First, are those who chase tags. They are hunting whatever state they draw a preferred tag. Second, are those who seek a trophy room collection. Once tagging a trophy whitetail they seek other game.

Waterfowl hunters that are locals equal bow hunters for highest renewal rates. Association's private wetlands are of the noncompetitive hunting all want. The kind of hunting that Missouri Department of Conservation wetlands cannot be had.

Traveling waterfowl hunters have a higher turnover rate than locals. Traveling hunter seems to hunt where winter weather develops migratory trends. Missouri has been attracting these hunters for some time. That has been due to warm trending winter weather allowing for long migration layover.

Pheasant or Quail mirror the waterfowl hunters. Locals hunt for decades with this Association. Traveling hunters will have a floating 10 to 20% who will travel and hunt in whatever state has favorable forecasts. There have been many upland bird hunters who have joined more than once. Most of these hunters are primarily pheasant hunters. Quail hunters both local and non-resident tend to have a higher renewal rate.

Kim, with a nice one.

Golden retriever on a Missouri quail hunting trip with impressive bag count.

Steen, his good dog.


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