December 13, 2017 Update


MAHA Staff

Deer taken with a bow.This year was the least amount of time available to spend time down south on MAHA property.  Attached is the bow kill from (deleted) which was a great week of hunting.  Not a great picture but every year that goes buy I seem to take uglier and uglier pictures for some reason.   On the habitat front, I bumped quail and pheasants everywhere I went so numbers must be very strong.  (deleted) was a tough hunt with all crops standing the few days I hunted there but I seen tons of deer though I didn’t sling any arrows.

The day I put up this stand I killed out of was pretty interesting.  On the way out I met renown wildlife artist Michael Sieve who was hunting the adjoining private parcel and we struck up an immediate friendship.  He is an artist that has been one of my favorites for decades.  On his website he has a painting titled ‘(deleted) Whitetail’.  In the back ground of the painting is the actual strip of trees that I killed my buck out of this year.  So  not only does the trip cost me money now I have to buy the painting/print due to the unique situation.   An experience that would have never been possible without MAHA.

Thanks so much,