Kansas Deer Hunting Value Points

State Regulations and Kansas Deer Hunting Value Points

Hunting Value –  Non-resident hunters must apply for Kansas deer management unit specific tags. Application is during April.

More Kansas tags have been available than there have been draw applicants. Kansas allows for excess draw tags to be OTC purchased.

Nonresident deer tags are limited to one buck tag per hunter. They are for one hunting method.

Mid-America Hunting Association Kansas Deer Hunting Benefits

Association private deer lease land is available in 8 of Kansas’ management units. Tag application allows for a second adjoining unit on one application. Hunters who place any of our Association 8 deer units on their application will have a place to hunt.

Hunters hunt their choice of any deer season.

We give recommendations to first year members where to begin.

Lodging is by local motel. We maintain an online listing.

Kansas Deer Hunting

Kansas Deer Hunting Accounts – Proof Of Private Land Performance

“Jeremy’s is one for a campfire story. He had seen him a couple of days prior with a very close encounter but no shot. I had not seen much on this farm I was on, so he offered me a stand he had hung earlier. I did and wouldn’t you know it just after good light Jeremy could actually see this big 10 pt making his way down a timberline toward me. He didn’t actually see my shot but he did hear it. My arrow hit a limb as he stood still at 35 yds broadside missing just under his chest. This buck, surprisingly not startled, made his way across a cut corn field into Jeremy’s woodlot where he was hunting in. Within a few minutes I see him exit in the other direction with an arrow and hanging his head. Once he disappeared into another small woodlot I called Jeremy. He informed me his shot wasn’t perfect so after lunch and a plan he began the search and in a short time he had his hands on a 155 4/8’s inch 10pt.”

Kansas Deer Hunting

Further Definition Of Association’s Kansas Self Guided Deer Hunts

Each hunter is encouraged to scout. All should have a handful of spots he has confidence in. That hunter gains advantage of picking his own land. He picks his own time. He my adapt to any local movement pattern. He may adjust his stands at his initiative. All this means is all by his actions makes his Kansas deer hunt as good as he can.


Kansas Deer Hunting

When To Scout – Always The Hunter’s Choice

Most scout one of two times a year. The first in early spring. Scouting is for deer sign. A second period of increased scouting is just before a hunt. That is when hunters are looking for bucks. A significant difference that is motivating more to hold off on scouting until their hunt.

Scouting is by reservation. The reservation will never deny anyone the chance to scout. It all comes down to hunter pressure management. If one farm or locally is getting more pressure than another we will inform subsequent hunters. They may then make better decisions where to spend their time.

If scouting outside of any Kansas hunting season land access is liberal. If wanting to scout during spring turkey season our best turkey properties are for hunting only. Same for once early archery season comes in. If a spot has a hunting reservation we will not allow scouting by another. We all want quality hunts. These are some of our controls that make that possible.