Missouri Deer Hunting

What We Offer

We offer Missouri deer hunting. Trophies are out there.  Many harvest less than what others may consider the best. Those are folks that enjoy deer hunting for what it is. The chance to spend the day in field. Hunt to everyone’s – anyone’s trophy definition.

Private Missouri deer hunting land, self guided deer hunt through Mid-America Hunting Association is in north central, northwest and southwest Missouri.

Hunters may pre-season scout multiple farms finding as many stand locations as he has time to establish.Missouri 


Success comes from applying skill to land selection then hunting according to the phase of the rut, local food source, wind and weather. An applied skills approach of hunting the deer of choice finding him through covering ground. This is opposed to what many deer hunters do and find a single Missouri lease and hope it is the right one. Meaning that by luck the buck wanted will come by on his own. 

The Success Combination

Association deer hunters typically cover a good bit of ground with the initial hunt and any scouting time. Most will scout several thousand acres. In that acreage a handful of first choice spots will be found. Typically more than can be adequately hunted on a week long deer hunt. From those spots the hunter may choose from day to day of where to deer hunt.

Those first year golden nugget spots are likely not to remain. As that deer hunter spends more time on the land he will find better spots than before. That will motivate more scouting. It will not be long until that deer hunter has more places to hunt and has moved on from first year spots.

After a satisfaction has been reached that any one hunter has enough Missouri hunting land most will continue to add a spot or two each season. The idea is that deer and their patterns change and so must the hunter.

From year to year the deer hunters with the most success will tell how they do hunt some Missouri farms year to year. These same deer hunters will also say they hunt new Missouri land each season. This is a strength of the Association that is most commented on by successful hunters. That comment continues it is only available through the Association in terms of ease of Missouri hunting land access. The Association land being readily available means more time scouting and hunting rather than knocking on doors in search of a private lease.



Missouri State Deer Hunting Regulations Brief

Missouri Deer Hunting
I have been a member for 4 years…His inside spread is just over 20″.
Archer’s Hunting Permit: two deer of either sex.  Only one antlered deer may be taken prior to firearm season.  Hunters may purchase and fill any number of archery antlerless deer hunting permits in open counties. 
You may take only two antlered deer during the archery and firearms deer hunting seasons combined. 
Deer tags may be purchased over the counter or online at MDC 

One hunter may have both a Missouri archery tag good for two deer and two fall turkey either sex and a gun tag for one deer. This allows up to two bucks per season. One buck with a bow before gun season.

Mid-America Hunting Association Missouri Deer Hunting Lease Land

What this Missouri hunting land looks like.

Not our best deer land and not our worst hunting land. A representative average mix of crop and cover.

Missouri Hunting
This spot is good for one deer hunter. It is 1/2 by 1/2 mile square, "Quarter Section" of 160 acres. The best hunting on it is the southwest corner, or that land out of direct observation of road and farm yard.
Missouri Hunting
From the Ground, two of the tree lines.
Missouri Hunting
Panoramic pictures covering more horizontal distance than the picture shows.

Missouri’s point restriction zone is centered between Kansas City, St Louis, Lincoln, Omaha and Des Moines. These cities have large populations of moneyed deer hunters without hunting land access. This makes the easy to drive from the surrounding metropolitan areas to northern Missouri region highly competitive for any deer lease. The result has been that Missouri lease land is expensive.

A compounded trophy buck effect has occurred. What happened is that non-paying hunter access to private Missouri hunting land has become more restricted. The number of individual hunting leases have increased. The effect has been fewer deer hunters hunting outside of the limited Missouri public lands access. Those that are on private land typically have paid for that exclusive right keeping others off that land. These same deer hunters that pay to hunt are trophy hunters. As such they are looking for larger racked bucks. This has further developed the deer quality through most passing on 8 points.

The point restriction zone has been in effect long enough that those with experience in this region are passing on all but the biggest 8 pointers. The number of 10 and 12 point racks seen is enough for most to hold off.

Why North Missouri Deer Hunting Is Best

Missouri Hunting MapThat is the common misnomer.

It is not the correct geographic regional descriptor for identifying where the best Missouri hunting is to be found.

The best Missouri trophy whitetail deer are found in the agricultural region of grain farming. A food first, cover second concept for bigger racked bucks.

This brings to the front two Mid-America Hunting Association advantages:


The first is the Association does not operate a lodge. That means we are not limited to the near driving distance around that lodge for our deer land. We have the entire state of Missouri available to us for where to acquire deer lease land. When we spend that deer lease money it is where we get the most return for the hunter. That insures return hunters for years to come. That in turn builds hunter success as they become more familiar with a collection of farms.


The second advantage is the collective buying power of the Association. That power allows us to acquire the large corporate farming operation lease lands. These farms are of the thousands upon thousands of acres of land. The return to the deer hunter is these large farming companies are narrow focused on commodity farming with our effort solely on grain farms. The payback is the large farm is not diversified with livestock in the non crop land as a small acreage farmer does. This leaves a higher quality protective cover habitat for the Association deer hunter.

This second example is how some of the best Missouri deer hunting land that is out of reach of the common deer hunter is brought back under his usage. This is due to our pricing is for the average work-a-day hunter.