Missouri Deer Lease

Private Land Self-Guided Hunting in Missouri

Choose From 60,400+ Acres Spread Across 34 Counties.  

  • Missouri deer tags can be purchased over the counter and/or online.
  • Missouri has a 4 point antler restriction. The majority of our leases are in counties with the 4 point restriction.
  • All Missouri counties, except the Ozark region are in grain farming country with corn, soybean and wheat.
  • All hunting and scouting is controlled by an online reservation/map system to ensure each day you have a farm or spot reserved for your exclusive use.
Deer Hunt

Missouri Hunting Lease Land

The better deer hunt is where the better food is. More cropland, less woods.

Each aerial above is a 1/4 section, 160 acres. The heavily wooded quarter is in the hill country of much forested ground. The lower aerial of mostly crop ground is from the better deer production region.

Grain crops are a tipping point when selecting a lease. The reality is it takes much food source acreage to make the more productive lease region.

Cropland and Deer Quality Linkage Verification

A comparison of the USDA agricultural land usage to known states with the best Whitetail Deer hunting shows the better deer hunting states have high usage of cropland.

This food first, cover second approach to deer hunting is greater than a one acre food plot. Food first, cover second to good deer hunting requires regional wide food sources throughout the entire year. This produces a larger deer herd, larger bodied deer and bigger racks.

This picture is from Jeremy a traveling Association deer hunter.

Missouri hunting lease challenges are not limited to deer hunting.

Missouri’s great waterfowl hunting takes land from the deer hunter with waterfowl hunting only wetlands.

This is no small point. Missouri’s great duck hunting makes any land that is swamp or floodable prime real-estate at rates per acre to rival anywhere else in the country.

Missouri hunting lease land is also attractive giving more bang for the buck with its great turkey hunting further motivating lease competition. It is common as most will agree that the majority of deer hunters also hunt turkey.

The four point one side restriction covering the majority of north Missouri has greatly enhanced the quality of the Missouri buck herd.


Mid-America Hunting Association Missouri Hunting Lease Land Solution

Missouri deer huntingThe benefit of Mid-America Hunting Association comes in that we do all the work for that Missouri hunting lease. This leaves the hunter only to hunt.

Association private land hunting leases and a limit on hunters means there is not only a spot for everyone we allocate an Association slot to, all will have a choice form day to day of where to hunt.

Our lease approach is one annual cost to hunt any of the Association’s Missouri hunting lease land.

How Association Missouri Hunting Lease Land Access Works


Missouri Lease MapFor those allocated an Association hunter position they gain access to an online lease map library of all hunting land in Missouri as well as Association lease lands in Kansas and Iowa. A sample of such a map is shown at right.

It is one annual cost for all lease land in all three of states MAHA operates in. This is a matter of simplicity of administration which keeps the Association office staff down to one secretary. The benefit back to the hunter is more of his money is going to lease land and not job creation.

The hunter draws down from his own favored aerial web site his preference of aerials and then scouts. For those that cannot schedule a separate scouting trip that requirement is typically attached to the beginning of the hunting trip.

Starting with the online lease maps, progressing to the Association  recommendations, then scouting the leases, the average hunter usually find 3 to 5 spots he would consider first choice. This is typically accomplished after covering 2,000 to 4,000 gross acreage of land. Later, on a week long hunt is is common that most hunt hard 2 to 3 leases and maybe dabble on a fourth. The hunter has placed his own stands.

Not all of these hunter selected first choice leases will be productive. It is that most agree that having multiple places to hunt increases the likelihood of getting on a good buck. The capability of having a choice of where to hunt based on weather, crop rotations and portion of the rut makes for the better quality of the deer hunt.

That quality aspect is the hunter has a range of options to leverage to his advantage of getting eyes-on a buck of choice. Contrast this to what most have in their background experience of having just one or a few stand locations. After several days of limited eyes-on deer how much harder it becomes to wake up early as the hunt progresses. The ability to move onto another stand rather than to continue to stink up a spot of declining buck and doe activity is just the motivation we all need to hunt a bit harder.



Deer Hunting Lease Example

Missouri LeaseShown outlined in yellow are the boundaries of one piece of a larger lease within the agricultural region of Missouri well known for its trophy deer hunting.

These paired aerial and ground level photos of the same private land is intended to take away some of the mystery for those that have not hunted this region. This is part of the reasonable expectations aspect this web site attempts to build in hunters of our deer hunting quality.

Total acreage is 280 outlined in yellow. Land use is considered 55% farming in this region although this particular piece seems to exceed that level.

Key aspect of the eastern half of this one piece is that due to ground contour and tree lines. A good portion of it is isolated from direct observation from the roads. The one impacting farm yard can be seen in the lower left, neighbor’s farm to the south of the road.

Missouri Lease


This picture was taken of the land shown in the aerial above from the east road, south end facing west.