Early Season Deer Scouting

Deer Scouting

We, the Association, decided some time back to publish all early season deer scouting camera pictures in terms of trophy and less than trophy bucks. This more accurately represent what is out in the field. It is also a means for the Association to separate itself from the many other deer hunting web sites that exist. The great majority post to their web sites only the very best of their deer pictures probably secured from a good number of cameras over a good number of years.

Deer ScoutingAll deer cam pictures are of those sent in to us and some collected from the Associations partner’s one deer camera that he runs around during the year. They do cover many years of our existence.

We are not posting the doe or scrap rack pictures as most do not send those in. We do post the pictures sent in of the lesser trophy racks as we know to many traveling in from non trophy deer states that any buck bigger than they have on the wall is a trophy.

We also want to promote the Association as a quality deer hunting group rather than a trophy hunt. The Association exists for those that want to have a good day in the field whether they tag out or not.

“…pictures of bucks the camera caught several times…far more good bucks on camera than i saw in the field..saw several just couldn’t get the range…”