deerThis was my first year as a member. I harvested this deer with a bow. It grossed 155 inches had over 40 inches of mass. The left side was ten inches smaller than the right, so if not for that he would have been in the high 160's. I took him off a farm with very little timber that had a drainage running through it that funneled the deer past a certain spot. I knew does were using the area and I just had to put my time in. He did it all coming in chasing does, grunting, snort weased and gave me a 17 yard shot and the rest is history.

I then went to my home state and hunted for a week, saw lots of deer two shooters, they then got locked down with the does and not much was moving.

I had a awesome year took the best buck of my life and never had a problem getting on land to hunt, actually the land I hunted in both states had not been hunted all year. There are many overlooked hotspots out there. Thanks for providing quality hunting at a fair price.

Thanks, Adam


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