mid america hunting associationMid-America Hunting Association,
My membership started this spring, just before the turkey season opened. My first hunt with the Association was a great success. I harvested two mature tom's approximately an hour apart. The habitat that the Association is leasing is outstanding. I have spent the summer looking for deer hunting spots for the upcoming season. I was amazed with the number of deer I spotted. Well, the scouting paid off. I shot this deer after spending fifteen minutes in my stand.
Thanks for working so hard in obtaining great hunting land. Andy

hunting land

hunting seasonI wanted to update you on the rest of my hunting season. As you know, I was successful with the early season muzzle loader and found the same luck with my bow. Attached is a photo my archery buck. The association has given me the opportunity for a great season. Thanks, Andy


I just wanted to drop a note about my hunting season.

Like many of us, the weather was not cooperative. It seemed like every time I had three or four days, The weather would turn warm and windy. I started the season in July with some trail camera's. Attached are a couple of those pictures.

mule deerAs hunting started, I was pretty excited because of the big bucks I have scouted. Unfortunately, The wind was about 40 mph for the first 3 days. I didn't surrender though and shot a nice nine pointer on the fourth day.

In October I went hunting with my dad and brother in Wyoming. I shot a 24" mule deer out there.

The first of November I was out with the bow and shot (but did not recover) the large buck with the split brow tine. [location deleted] and [location deleted] gun hunting was exciting, but, I didn't have an opportunity.

I did see Five shooters, but they were too far for a shot. We'll that's about it. Can't wait for next year. Andy


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