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I have to thank everyone at MAHA for the opportunity you all provide to all the association members. I admit I was a skeptic when I first found your website, but as I did my homework and talked to you all about the business you all run, I gained some confidence that this was an Association I wanted to be affiliated with. The minute I gained access to the properties you all have available, I became a believer!

I've only been a member this year and only stepped foot on a few pieces of ground, but I've been so impressed with the amount of quality hunting land available.

I have several trail camera pictures of some MAJOR big bucks in this area, I knew it was just a matter of time before one gave me an opportunity. On Sat Nov 13th I was hunting in a pinch point between two large woods and had seen a spike and a 125 inch buck walk by. At 7:50am I rattled and at 7:55 I noticed movement up the hill. One look confirmed it was a shooter.

deerHe was coming from my left to right, but angling behind me so I had to get turned quickly. Now I'm facing the other way and he's moving from up the hill (my right) down (to my left). He's just walking and looking for the two bucks he heard fighting.

He stops, but there are limbs in the way. He begins to move again. He's coming to a shooting lane at 15 yards. He's walking slow but the shooting lane I have is narrow and if he gets past it, he's in some thick brush directly down wind of me. He's walking slow enough that I decide not to stop him fearing he wont stop till he's in the thick stuff and end up winding me.

arrowI let the arrow fly and I hit him just a tad back. He runs 50 yards and beds down. I wait and watch but after about 15 minutes he gets up and walks off very slow. At this point I'm afraid I messed up. After waiting 1.5 hours I get down and immediately find blood, but it stops almost as quick as it begins. I know what direction he's heading so I slowly move toward the area picking up a few drops of blood along the way. I'm moving very slowly and stopping every few steps to scan the area.

At 12:15pm I jump him and decide to wait him out. I know it's going to be a long night, but it's cold and I know the shot is fatal. I just don't want to push this deer.

The next morning I go in at first light and make one pass toward the bottoms. No deer.

I turn and head up the hill 25 yards to make a 2nd pass. 50 yards from where I last saw him he's dead.

I cant tell you how proud I am of this deer. And while he wasn't the biggest buck on this piece of land, nor my biggest buck I've taken, he's a beauty! I dedicate this deer to my father who introduced me to hunting when I was a small child. He passed away on 10.19.10 from cancer and while I wish I could call him and tell him all about this incredible hunt, I know he had the best seat in the house to watch it all in action. I have two boys (4 and 2) and I've already started laying the ground work to pass on to them what my father passed on to me. Some of the best memories I have are of the times I went fishing and hunting with my father.

Thanks again for all you all do at MAHA to provide opportunities for people like myself to enjoy the outdoors and all of Gods creations! And if there is anybody wondering, YES I'm wanting to renew my association membership next year!!!

Best regards, Beau


buckAt 8am I look over my left shoulder to the west and catch movement though the tree line that separates the bean field I'm hunting over and another.

I look through the binos and can tell it's a buck. It doesn't appear that he's going to head in my direction so I toss out a couple bleats and grunts to see if I can get his attention.

I lose sight of him for about 5 minutes until he appears like a ghost 80 yards away. I watch him as he feeds on some beans for several minutes. As I'm watching I'm thinking he's nice 2.5 year old (just looking at his rack to be honest).

As he moves closer my first reaction is to pass. I've passed on bucks bigger than this one. But as he continues his path toward me I realize this is an older buck that I first thought.

As he comes into range I debate with myself... Shoot or not.... He's at 50 yards... Now 25.... Now 5 yards... Then it dawns on me... I have two buck tags and this would be a perfect "management buck". My decision was not as hard as I first thought... Older deer with less than desirable genetics and I have two buck tags (not to mention an endless supply of antlerless tags).

He's now moved out from 5 yards to 15 and is offering a perfect quartering away shot. THWACK!!!

The arrow passes right though him and he bolts out 50 yards before his legs start to come out from under him. He makes it another 20 yards and crashes like a ton of bricks!

This buck won't win any "big buck" hunting contest, but I am absolutely thrilled with this deer as he is a trophy in my eyes and gave me a hunt that I will never forget.

Btw, I looked at his teeth and they were worn down pretty good. I think he's a 4.5 year old that just never was going to add up to much on the scorers table. Definitely a good deer to harvest.


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