For the rest of us Bill travels from four states away. Hunted hard for several years without tag-on success. In this one season he harvested his two largest whitetail deer in his deer hunting career. An interesting deer hunter behavior fits Bill perfectly as a non-resident gun deer hunter in this Association.

That hunting discipline or category (non-resident gun deer hunter) does have the highest turnover rate. Two sub categories exist within the non-resident gun deer hunter. The first is the trophy room hunter that hunts with us until he gets a big whitetail then moves on to another species such as bear, elk, moose and so on. Trophy room hunters are after as many species as they can harvest as a means of collecting. The second subcategory of non-resident gun deer hunters is the one that chases tags hunting where ever and what ever he gets a tag for be it Kansas whitetail, Colorado sheep, Wyoming elk and so on. This deer hunter is opposed to the archery whitetail hunter that is far more likely to make a hunting career bow whitetail deer hunting. The archery deer hunter be he resident or non-resident is a hunting discipline that stays with the Association for years of hunts to come, typically well over 10 years before moving on. We will cater to all that deer hunt if it is foremost the deer hunt quality they are after without regard to their final objective. It is the deer hunter that expresses unreasonable expectations of his hunt that put us on edge. A frequent occurrence for those that pay to hunt and believe payment alone is guarantee of higher results standards.

Bill did move on and did say he would be coming back to his Association at a later date, meaning after he fulfills his elk hunting ambitions. Past experience has shown us few do return. It has been our observations that once a trophy room hunter has collected a certain number of mounts and once the tag chasers tire of the chase these two hunters simply quit hunting altogether with us and all else. Those few that do return to the Association do so after many years of reflection and with more gray hair citing the quality of the hunt is their new found goal. These older returning members then express the current membership costs are too high, that unreasonable expectation effect again that the world should be as a person wants it to be rather than the way it is.


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