Jon and John, I just wanted to send a note to tell you guys what a great time I have had hunting MAHA property. I was hooked after my first year....I don't see me stopping hunting MidWest deer anytime soon. I have been very impressed with the properties I have hunting and scouted. Both years I saw many deer, turkeys, coyotes, ducks and just about any other wildlife that is in the Mid West. This year I finally scored on a buck with my bow. It was the next to last day of my 2 week hunt and it was the first time I had hunted this county and property. I came to the property a few hours before lunch. My plan was to scout and hang my stand once I found a suitable tree. After walking the edge of a milo field, I found a promising spot at the edge of a creek and a finger of woods that led out to the milo field. I stayed in my stand just a few hours before I determined that I hadn't dressed warmly enough for the sit...I climbed down and was going to get another layer or two and and eat lunch and return back to my stand. I was walking the field edge back to my truck when I saw a doe running across the creek with at least one buck in tow. The doe didn't see me so I was trying to get close to where she ran by to get a shot at what was chasing her. I threw my binoculars down and was running thru the woods with my bow full drawn. I was trying to move using trees and brush to hid behind...I eventually spooked a small six point that was on the chase. He blew and the bigger buck stopped behind a tree...I drew and waited for him to walk out. Sure enough...he eventually started walking again and I made the shot. It was around a 35 yd shot and I could tell he was hit hard. He ran out in the milo field...I watched him for a minute or so then I lost him. I thought I had made a good shot, but I was going to give him time. I walked back to the truck and marked the blood trail going into the milo. I ate lunch and came back on the trail around 2.5 hours later. I found him just 10 yards from the spot I saw him last in the milo field. He was a main frame 8 point with two kickers off his G2's. My best buck to date and my first deer taken with bow on the ground. It was a kinda weird year with the full moon falling so late in November, but I had a blast and I can't wait to come back next year. Thanks once again for everything. The best hunting decision I ever made was joining MAHA. Brent


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