Here is the archery deer I got from an association deer lease this year. He is not as big as last year (last year's buck officially scored 138 1/8). Enjoyed every minute of the six days of bowhunting. Had a chance to see three larger bucks at a distance and passed on two smaller bucks and several doe. The number of turkeys seen was amazing, they were even gobbling in the mornings -- something I haven't heard before in the fall. One evening I counted 60 turkeys. About 30 of them roosted all round me and it was a beautiful sight with the sunset behind them. Thanks again for finding such great land. Brian

I joined the association January 2003, after studying your web site for about a year. I am extremely excited to tell you about my recent bow hunting trip. I live in the midwest, but I am not a resident of Kansas, Missouri, or Iowa. After joining, I couldn't wait to get the maps, I studied them many hours in the winter and printed many, many aerial maps off of terra server. My first experience was to hunt for spring turkeys. I decided to turkey hunt last spring as an excuse to scout for whitetails. I called you and you gave me a list of several suggestions and general ideas about properties with both turkeys and deer. I ended up hunting three days for turkeys on two properties and shot a jake the second day. I was surrounded by turkeys the entire time and I was extremely excited to see how remote and wild some of the property was. I did not see another hunter the entire time, I never even heard a gun shot in the distance. I also didn't even see a car go by on the roads for the entire hunt. The last day of the season, I left seven gobblers on one property, without ever getting a shot.

Moving on to archery this fall. I had spent two days scouting two properties in September and had planned to scout a few more as bow season progressed. I had turkey hunted one of the farms and had noticed lots of huge deer tracks there. On the single day September scout, I jumped a large trophy quality deer in a bean field on that farm. I ended up setting up four trees that day, one of which seemed to be the perfect funnel area and convergence of trails. I finally bow hunted the first time on association land on October 27, the wind was right for that perfect tree, and it was a hunt I will never forget. I am a believer in letting good spots alone until all conditions are just right, I have over hunted areas too many times before. On that hunt, I had seen several does and I had even counted 33 turkeys in one flock that afternoon. About sunset, I gave two soft grunts and within five minutes, an aggressive stomping and grunting buck came up a dry creek bed. He stopped about 20 yards from me in the steep creek and I couldn't see him. He then came half way up the creek bank and spent about 3 minutes tearing up a 15 foot hackberry tree. All I could see was the tree shaking. He finally came on up the bank and right under me. I made a clean shot on that large deer at only five yards. He is the largest deer I have ever taken, with a total score of about 141 to 143 and only 3 or 4 inches of deductions. After bow hunting for 17 years and harvesting over 20 deer, many on public land, the association has opened up a whole new world for me. For this kind of quality hunting, I feel the dues are well worth it and I plan on being a member for many, many years to come. Attached are some pictures of the deer, notice his huge neck and large body, he was a real hog. My daughter, Emily, age 9, was almost as excited as I was with this deer.
Sincerely, Brian.

Finally got my film back and here is a picture of the Jake I harvested with a bow in [location deleted] this spring. It was May 5 and I had set up on the edge of an old corn field in a natural blind of three to four foot cedars. With a full moon, it was really light early. A group of three toms and several hens flew down 30 minutes before sunrise. They were way out of bow range and worked their way across the field. I stayed put and gave a rare call. 45 minutes later, a lone jake quietly came up the edge of the field right to me. I debated some if I really wanted to take a jake, but with him staring at my hen decoy at 15 yards and with me at full draw, I couldn't pass on him. I hunted with a bow this year in hopes of spending more time in the field. It didn't work out that way, it was my first day out and after 45 minutes, it was over. Like so many others who write in, I want to thank you all for finding such excellent properties for the members. Sincerely, Brian.


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