Finally sent these in as we were just sitting around looking over all the pictures from last season. Had a great year. Didn't push it too hard with dad recovering like he was. Found plenty of birds and did so in areas we would not have expected to, again more caused by dad. The tall grass was just too tough for him. The deer picture will probably make the hunter who lost it sick to see it. The picture of me and the dog we threw in as it by luck was just right before where we found the deer. Dad took the pictures this time as snow is something we don't get to see that much. I think he wanted mom to see how tough we were to be out hunting in such conditions. Ducks were good too. About half the days we had enough flights to make for some good calling. The dog worked great. We don't get to hunt from blinds where we duck hunt. Dad liked it more going after ducks so we did more of that than birds. Probably cause he could sit down. Had two great mornings, those once in a season kind of days twice on one trip. We still talk about those days. We were just on and the ducks came early, came fast and all were drake mallards. That's why we come back to get what we can't hunt at home. Thanks for your help, wish there was something like the association down here. We just don't have all that you do up there. Buddy


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