Now that my season at home is over and my travels to other states to hunt are over, I have the time to write and update you on another great MAHA buck. I have now hunted with MAHA for 2 years and taken the two biggest bucks of my life on my MAHA hunts. This muzzleloader buck had an inside spread of 18 ½ inches and scored 135. You guys continue to impress with your knowledge of the terrain and your ability to lease places that have exceptional hunting habitat.

This year, I started my hunting season off with an early season muzzleloader hunt. I saw very few other hunters, but I discovered that the lack of other hunters may be indicative of the more difficult nature of a muzzleloader hunt.

For those considering an early season muzzleloader hunt, I would offer three suggestions that other members might find helpful. First, I followed your excellent advice to hunt the food sources. The deer were sticking to traditional early food sources like soybeans and acorns. The tremendous amount of standing corn makes the hunting much tougher but finding the preferred food source really pays off.

Second, I hunted the most productive low light conditions. Unlike the previous year's hunt where I sat all day during gun season, this was a first hour of daylight and last hour of daylight hunt. I spent the middle of the day eating, napping and doing some work from the motel. I saw very little deer movement, other than in low light conditions. Mid-day also provides a good time to do some drive by scouting of other MAHA leases.

Third, I prepared in advance for the hot conditions of early muzzleloader season. Wear lightweight clothing, take water with you into the field and take plenty of bug spray / bug deterrence devices. The bugs and heat are tough during early muzzleloader season! Some days were more suited for going to the beach than hunting with temperatures in the mid 80's. I used a Thermacell and some no scent bug spray to keep the bugs at bay.

I am still learning the MAHA properties in the area where I have been hunting, so I am excited about the prospect of even better hunting as I learn the land. You guys run a very professional, efficient organization. Your reservation system is a fair way to allocate the existing properties, and your staff was very pleasant when I called to make reservations. Thank you for allowing me to be a member.

Best Regards, Cal



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