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Hey John, Andy and I made it back from another long excursion. We had some good luck on our three day trip. We did some on line scouting and tried some property that was new to us. Although it was 86 degrees and a full moon, on my first hunt of the year and our first time on this property I had a 135" ten point (pic attached)" try" to pass at 25 yds he must have read the script! He walked right through a pinch Point that Andy and I both had agreed would be a good ambush site. Andy wrapped up our trip by taking a nice mature doe. This deer hunt is just another testament to the quality land that maha has to offer. Thanks for all of yalls hard work especially the extremely nice And very patient ladies who help us book our spots. Thanks, Corey

doeHey john, here are a few pics of my buck i got. Andy was able to come up a few days before i was able to get away so i left weds mid nite and got to my property around 1 pm thurs hung two trail cameras and got in a tree saw a few small bucks not much that evening. next day i saw a few small bucks and a nice 125ish 8 pt i decided to let walk. I got down at lunch to check my cameras at lunch and i had a pic of this deer i ended up harvesting. so with temps rising a near full moon, a very marginal south west wind and only one day left to hunt i decided to try him my last morning. after some well placed doe in heat a short sit and 4 or 5 coaxing grunts he was standing broad side at 23yards and i turned what should have been an easy quick recovery into a marginal hit, a trying 5 hr wait, and an awesome tracking job by my buddy Andy. Still don't know why i hit a little back but thanks to andy i was able to bring home a great buck. Thanks again to you John and all of the MAHA staff for helping us hunters tag our dreams. Corey

Wanted to share some pics from our latest trip. Hot weather, east winds and plenty! Of seed ticks and chiggers set the stage for this 3 day hunt. Along with this buck, I saw several does and one two yr old buck. Andy filmed two nice 3 yr olds one evening almost getting a shot at one of them. I just happened to be walking to my tree at the same time this buck decided to move from his bed in the beans to a small wood lot.(3:40) once he put some brush in between him and me I dropped my stand and pack made a short sneak down the edge of the wood lot got my eyes on him again under a honey locust tree snacking on a bean pod took a 32 yd shot that found its mark. He never knew I was in the world and only went 25 yds after the shot. Only 14 6/8 in wide but he has 38 5/8 in of mass (5 6/8 in bases) grosses 138 4/8. Thanks again to the maha staff for providing quality land.


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