"...about 20 minutes after legal shooting time I heard a deer walking just north of my stand, really close but downwind. I glanced and saw this 12 point about 15 yards away. Although I was scent-free as much as I could be, he either winded me or saw me in the stand and started to bound off. I quickly did my best imitation of a buck grunt with my mouth and he stopped about 30 yards away broadside, but very wary. Rather than turn 270 degrees to fire at him right-handed like I normally do, I fired left-handed / left-eyed because I knew he would soon bolt. Fortunately it double-lunged him and he ran 20 yards and fell over dead. Trust me, I've spent many a day in the past with no shots like everyone else, so this day was my lucky day as I was tagged out in less than half an hour on opening day..."




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