I shot this buck at noon the second day of the season...sorry I only had my cell phone so the picture does not do the deer justice. The buck grosses in the 150s...


I was a little concerned about getting him out of the woods alone, and this is where the story gets good...

Jon had suggested the day before to call a fellow member that was hunting the same county to see if he wanted to work together to try and get a buck. I got a call back from Jerad just after I killed my buck. He was nice enough to offer a hand and cut his afternoon hunt short...we got the deer out by 3ish and I mentioned that he would have good karma for this years hunt. Jerad laughed and said he normally did not have "good karma" but he could hope. I left him, wished him well.... I also mentioned that I had seen at least one better deer on the farm I was hunting and he might want to give it a try...the next day Jerad hunted the afternoon on the farm I was hunting and just at dusk a 164 inch split brow buck showed up, and he made a great 150 yard shot to drop the buck 100 yards from where we dragged my buck out...




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