John & Jon,

Hammered this hog this morning at 0822 hrs at [location deleted] during an absolutely gorgeous morning.

I watched five monster gobblers fly off the roost at day-break (all sported 10-12 inch beards), and within 30 minutes, the bucks started moving. This beast was the third one that came in after I hit the rattlin' bag. I shot him at five yards, but for some reason the arrow didn't pass through which resulted in me having to follow sporadic pinhead-size drops of blood for the next 2 1/2 hours. I focused more of my attention on his tracks (something I picked up from the PHs in South Africa a few years back), and although I went down a few false trails, I eventually walked right up to him...not without a few stressful moments. The arrow had stayed in him and, although it tore

through his heart and lungs, it barely punctured his underside, hence, very little blood. He's a 6x4 that grosses over 145 inches, and I'm tickled because he's the seventh buck that I've rattled

in this week and the fact I spotted him two weeks ago after dark and had enough patience to back-off until the conditions were right.

On to Kansas now.

Thanks, Doug

Taking the oldest one out tomorrow for the youth hunt...thank Allah she had a party to go to today.

"...I've been home from Iraq a week...this guy fed on acorns for half an hour at 20 yards..."

John & Jon,
Just finished up the Dream Season yesterday with this 152 inch typical 10 pointer taken at 4:45 P.M.... I've been after this buck since October, but I hadn't placed my eyes on him until 30 Dec when I watched him and a doe come out of a bedding area and feed for an hour at 75 yards. They eventually bedded again in the late morning sunlight, and I attempted a stalk, closing to within 40 yards before the doe caught my movement. I hunted the spot two more days without seeing him, but a little scouting revealed another bedding area 400 yards to the south. My move to that area rewarded me with sightings of 20 to 30 deer each of the last three evenings to include watching a young 8 pointer work three scrapes. With yesterday's temperature reaching into the 60s, I thought twice about heading to the woods, but decided that you can't get lucky if you're not in the stand. At 4:30 P.M., the wind picked up and the temperature started dropping. Within minutes, does started spilling off the cedar-covered ridge, and I soon recognized the monster buck trailing the same doe from a week earlier. He stopped at 25 yards and fed on the edge of the thicket for 10 minutes without offering a shot. Finally confident that the coast was clear, he stepped into one of my shooting lanes, and I drilled him through the lungs at 23 yards. He travelled 50 yards and tipped over. This is the 11th deer of the season, and the third 10 pointer (148 inch, 125 inch, 152 inch).
Thanks, Doug


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