Eric sent in these photos and did not provide any text as he is one of those exceptional whitetail hunters that while highly skilled remains modest over his accomplishments.

He is most exceptional in that he can achieve this level of success without the assistance of a guide service, personal scout or sponsorship. He is one of those hunters that can truly say his success is due entirely to his personal ability and dedication. However, he won't, as he has never bragged about his hunting.

This contrasts to what many of us have read in hunting magazines where some hunter with an extraordinary number of trophy deer to his credit describes some fanciful technique he employs and shows that he is well above the average hunter that would never have known about that tidbit without an expert hunter divulging it in the article. Or, the author that describes what a great season he has had hunting through the services of others.

The American Hunter February 2003 magazine published such an article where such statements such as: "...ranch manager ... and I searched..." (p36); "...hunting is done by ... elevated stands mounted on...trucks." (p36); or, on page 37 where the author tells how the guide, Jeff and later Ron, drive him in , glasses and sets the author for a shot. Later on page 38 the author "...[at] invitation from Thompson/Center...with the company's Omega...[with] T/C enlisting...R&P Hunting Guide Service.'

The author goes on with several more hunts that are both guided and on his own and it becomes apparent the harvest picture of big deer in the article come from the guided hunts alone.

The point here is that we, Mid-America HuntingAssociation, provide the hunting access to good habitat and it is the hunter that makes his own hunt. And, do not be looking for any Mid-America sponsored hunts in any magazine as we refuse all offers of trade a hunt for an article.

We exist to provide the real hunter the opportunity to succeed without the assistance of sponsorship or leading him by the hand.


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