Thanks again to the staff at MAHA and a special thanks to John Nee for all of his help and understanding.

The year started in the dead of winter with scouting trips and then great trips to for turkey hunting.

I really enjoy scouting and learning new leases so I spent more time doing that than actually hunting.

Even though I had to hunt and travel alone I was excite about [location deleted] archery season and [location deleted] rifle seasons.

I have attached pictures of my [location deleted] bucks. A couple of does also went in the freezer.

My only regrets are not joining the hunting club 15+ years ago!

Thanks for the great land and all the helpful club staff. I am in LOVE with the Mid-West. Gary

I was lucky this year and was able to draw a [location deleted] tag but also had an archery Elk tag in New Mexico, Mule Deer tag in Utah and Colorado. It was a VERY busy fall and I didn't get to hunt as much on club lease land as I wanted but I did spend several weeks out there.

I am hooked. After hunting in the mountains of Virginia all my life I am convinced that deer hunting changes when you cross the Mississippi.

I passed on a ton of bucks and actually shot the [location deleted] buck because his body was so huge. It was a quick decision and I knew he was a good deer but I would have let him walk if I had seen the rack really well.

I had great hunting in [location deleted] and [location deleted] and tagged a good deer in both. Keep up the great work in the office and thanks for you patience, Gary


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