This is a picture of a deer I harvested in [deleted]. Last year I shot a 160" class buck from the same stand site that this deer was shot from this year. I didn't find last year's deer, but this year was different. I don't have this year's deer scored yet but he is 18 1/2' inside spread with 2 - 13" G2 tines. He should score 150. A great way to end a 2 year slump. I also included a picture of bucks taken in [deleted] from the past 10  years bowhunting. I am pleased to see the addition in land we lease.

Gary later emailed this addendum:

Hi John ! I went to the Big Buck Extravaganza this past weekend and had the deer I shot officially B&C scored. It scored 162 5/8 gross and 159 1/8 net.


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