I want to thank you, John Nee, and the ladies that take care of us on the phone. When I joined the association back in December 2005 I was very happy with my immediate results of two doe’s from a property that John Nee suggested. You also have sent me suggestions via email and I have seen some turkeys on those properties but have not closed the deal on them yet.

The back ground before we begin is I am 43 years old and have never harvested a buck. I have taken plenty of doe and unfortunately one button buck in NC when I was stationed there. So I have really pursued my passion of bow hunting over the last two years and missed a nice 8 pointer last year on the same farm this years experience came. I also have purchased 4 camera’s for scouting and really scouted the area heavily this summer. However to this year's story.

I took the day off from coming back from Washington DC on business to hunt today. Well, overslept this morning and didn’t make it out for the morning hunt. Not a good way to start off the day of hunting.

Then this afternoon I go out to load the truck and it has a flat. So I change the flat and now I am running late getting to the area I am to hunt today. Walk in around 3:55 and go to set a camera just inside the woods off of a bean field about 100 yards south of where my stand it. I jump two deer as I enter the tree line. Now I am thinking I really blew the evening hunt. Get the camera set and to the tree stand.

Have to finalize some trimming of two limbs hanging down in the way. Get it done and get settled in around 5 pm. It is warm and a breeze coming out of the south this evening. Oh well just hope to see some deer coming out into the field tonight.

I don’t see anything and it is getting around 6:30 now. So I take out the rattle bag and lightly hit it some and throw in a few grunts too. Still nothing and I am really getting discouraged. Then I hear something behind me in the woods but can’t make it out. I start to think it is a dang tree rat (squirrel) causing the noise. I finally look around and about 7 yards behind the tree I see a rack sticking out amongst the brush. Dang, it kind of looked pretty nice and I am starting to get really excited. I am having a hard time keeping track of him since he is directly behind the tree I am in. I glance around the other side of the tree but can’t find him now. But keep hearing him rub the brush behind me. Then I finally remember to grab my bow from the bow hanger. No sooner than I get my bow I see him appear right beside the stand to my left. Oh he has a split G2 on the left side; I remember getting a clip of him from a camera about a ½ mile away. Good, he is coming out the trail that goes right out in front of me to the bean field.

He gets about 8 yards from the stand I think, dang it I forgot to stand. Oh well, I will shoot from the sitting position. I start to draw back but he starts to eat from a bush in front of me and I freeze. He decides to move along toward the field and I finish my draw. He about 15 yards from me just at the edge of the field and is giving me a quartering away shot. Settle in and thud! The tracer nock lights up, the Easton St. Epic with a 100 grain Striker broadhead is off to its target and it is a pass thru and into the ground. Off he goes out into the bean field about 60 yards and stops. Then he wobbles a little and falls over right there. Finally I have gotten my first buck. Not a giant but he will do.

I have enjoyed my time with MAHA that even though I am moving to Cleveland next month I am keeping my membership active. Thus I will be coming back to this area to hunt once a year for deer.

Now I think I will jump the state line and see if I can bag a bigger buck in Missouri.



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