Hi John:
I just wanted to drop you a line and send you some pictures of my son Ian's buck from the Youth Hunt. We had spent a considerable amount of time planning the hunt, flew from Vermont, scouted and built a ground blind and the hunt lasted 5 minutes. It had just got light enough to see and a beautiful 10 point buck came down through the corn field. Ian had him in his scope at 75 yards but it was a few minutes before legal shooting light so unfortunately he had to pass and he walked into the woods. Shortly after that a couple of does came through with a 4 point chasing them and grunting as he went. I grunted the buck to a stop and Ian couldn't get on him and he started chasing again. I grunted again and he stopped and I was about to tell Ian to shoot and he had pulled the trigger and the deer went down instantly. What a thrill that was!! The only slight buzz killer was at the shot I noticed a deer to the left at about 75 yards and it was the 10 point who had come back out. I had not noticed him while I was trying to get the 4 point to stop for a shot. Ian couldn't have cared less and was thrilled with his buck.

I have had a lot of people this year tell me that 8 years old is too young to start hunting. As long as they are having a good time and can handle the weapon they are using I don't understand the argument. Ian shot 2 shells this spring and killed 2 turkeys, 1 cartridge this fall and killed the buck, some of the adults telling me children shouldn't hunt at such a young age cripple animals every year. Maybe the kids can teach us something?

Have a Happy Holidays.


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