Jamie 3

...Last year a new member Chris & I were lucky enough to tag bucks...

Not a long story here, I got my first choice of land but Chris didn't. John Nee recommended a property just down the road & Chris scored on his first maha buck, an 11 pointer. My buck a 10 point is my largest deer to date with a rifle. What stands out about this deer is the property I hunted is one of the smallest pieces of land offered to us to hunt....

I started seeing deer early in the set. Just before sunset a group of bucks fed closer to my position. After watching two of them fight aggressively I picked one out & made a good shot. After recovering my deer I realized not only did I harvest the biggest deer ever with my muzzleloader, but the biggest buck of my life! The 9 point scored 143 & 3/8. The G4 on the buck was only an inch long. This was also a smaller property...

I just wanted to say in the four or five years I've been a member I managed to harvest the best deer of my life with a bow, muzzleloader, & rifle.. The smallest was my rifle buck at 134. I know there are deer much bigger than the ones I've harvested, but I am very proud & pleased with my deer and the association I belong to! I Know you guys hear it all the time, you do a great job keeping this a top notch association. Besides we all know hunters are sometimes hard to please! The opportunity for something special is out there it's just up to the hunter to get out there.

Thanks everybody, Jamie

Great story, thank you for sharing it.

Jamie the next season.

Another trophy.


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