Here are some trail cam photos from last year. I left the camera up for one month and when I returned there were over 30 different bucks on it. These are just some of them. I ended up passing on the photo marked 23, he was about a 140 inch 11 point but I was waiting for the big 10 point with the kicker. Never did see him. Also a photo of a deer I killed. Jeff

Hi Jon and John,
Attached is a photo of a 11 pt. that I passed up in [location deleted] during bow season. Young deer, I think he was only 2 1/2 but in two more years he will be a trophy. I ended up seeing lots of bucks but came home empty handed. I have two more photos too send but they are in diff. files so I will have to send two more emails.
Jeff D. from N.J.

Hi Jon and John,
Had a great hunt in [location deleted]. I shot this deer (right) in the morning and Bill shot his deer (below) in the evening. Two big deer in the same day!! My deer was 144 inch 9 pt and bills is a 133 inch 11 pt with two points broken off. The only bad thing is that I have to wait 311 days till I come back out to the mid-west to deer hunt. Yes I'm counting down the days.


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