John, I wanted to tell you about my [location deleted] deer hunting trip. I arrived in [location deleted] on Tuesday the 4Th did some drive by scouting that evening. On Wednesday morning I did some more driving and foot scouting, by the afternoon I had a tree ready to hunt which was no small task. When I returned to the truck the temp was at 80 degrees, with a storm moving in fast it got pretty wild for a while, but it did cool down, the wind did not let up until Sunday. Thursday I hunted 'till early afternoon the went to look for a second location . Friday with wind gusts at plus 40 mph it seemed the perfect time to continue to scout, by the afternoon and a couple of farms latter I had my second spot. I called in and had Sat, Sun & Mon all set. I hunted my 1st spot on Saturday 'till mid afternoon then set up my camera, pop up blind and did some target practice. Oh by the way the wind is still blowing. Sunday morning 20 degrees very little wind and clear it felt like the warmest day all week. There was some movement early then quite till 9:00 a couple of doe went by. About 9:30 I catch movement behind me to my left about 150 yds. Yes there he was going the wrong way, after working him for about 15 min. I got him to 50yds., then to 30yds. time to shoot !! He only went 40yds. and dropped. After I regrouped I got down to check him out, he had a great left side but his right side was missing his g2 and g3 I had focused on the shot and hadn't seen it o'well it was still great hunting, what a blast. Thanks Jeff


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