Dear Jon and Staff,

Thank you for another excellent hunting year as a member of the club. I very much enjoy reading other members accounts of their hunting, so I feel somewhat obligated to drop you guys a note each time that I return from a hunt.

This was my first year “buddy hunt” with another member. Ron S., a fellow Pennsylvanian, telephoned me last year asking about my experience as a member of The Association. I told him the truth, that this is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a real do it yourself experience, hunting the best hunting ground in America, then this is for you. He joined, I shared some of my scouting notes with him, and we met in [deletd] during the season. We hunted properties that were about 40 miles apart, but we were able to help each other cart deer out of the woods in the evening, and as big as these deer were, the help was very welcome.

As before, the game was plentiful, the hunting pressure was light, and it was just a great experience. I saw 10 different racked bucks, and had the hammer back on two early on the first day. I held my fire, but did kill a real nice heavy racked 8 point somewhat later. I am very pleased with this deer, and I am very pleased with the total experience of hunting with The Association.

Like many members, I guess, my deer hunting experience has expanded to encompass much more than just the time in the woods during the season. It’s time at the Penn State library, in the map room, spending several Saturdays looking over topographic maps of Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. It’s time with one of my kids, traveling west over their spring break, to scout for the following fall hunt. It’s time organizing for the trip . . . I even enjoy the 1,000 plus mile drive from my home to the mid-west. It’s all just a very enjoyable experience.

I’ve attached several photographs. They pretty much summarize the hunt. Several are of deer that I photographed from my ground blind. It’s really difficult to juggle a camera, take pictures, try not to spook the deer, and keep my muzzleloader ready in case the next deer is a shooter buck. There are also several pictures of my ground blind. I can’t get a ground blind to work for me worth a darn while bow hunting, but for firearms hunting they just seem deadly. Finally, there is a photograph of my son testing the rattling antlers in the back yard as I’m packing. We’ll need to add some more family members to our membership in a few years.

Again, thank you for your excellent service. I’m a very happy member, and I’m looking forward to many more years of hunting and fishing as a Mid-America Hunting Association Member.



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