Hey John, Hunted [location deleted] this year and once again another great hunt. It took 7 days to fill my tag but it was worth the wait. I seem to have shots at bucks like this every year, but bow hunting has a way of humbling you quickly. Anyway it all came together this year. We went Nov. 13-22 this year and the weather was great everyday. It seems like we saw some of the bigger bucks that we were hoping to see. Several 160-170 inch monsters chasing does. My hunting partner set in my treestand very next morning after killing my 10 pt, and another 10 pt. he describes as being able to set my rack down inside this one, came through on hot doe. He was able to snort-weeze him off the doe to w/in 35 yds, but held up in thicket at 35 yds. Should have had Bucky jr. there to coax him out. Anyway, thanks again for all the clubs hard work rounding up good leases all over the 3 states. We've hunted 5 or 6 counties in [location deleted], 5 or 6 in [location deleted] and 2 in [location deleted] and all have yielded the big bucks we love to chase. Thanks again, Joe


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