Dad and I were hunting [location deleted] opening morning of Muzzleloader season. Right at first light this buck and another came down the draw I was hunting. I took the shot at 121 yds...I went to where he was at when I shot him and could not find blood or hair. After searching for some time and walking the direction he had run I thought I must have missed. I decided to circle around ahead of where the deer had gone. I ended up jumping the buck...I shot again when he jumped. I found his bed and there was only maybe a thimble full of blood. I still could not find any blood the direction he ran and wondered if I had hit him the second time. I knew the general direction he ran, and decided to back off...After lunch...I walked up on the buck. He was bedded down, and still alive. I shot him again in his bed. He ran about twenty yds. and died on his feet...He green scored 164 4/8 and has 13 scorable points. I was very thankful to recover him.

Thanks for providing quality land for common guys to hunt.

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