Hi John, I just returned from my bowhunting trip earlier today, and wanted to send you an email and a few pictures of my deer. No this wasn’t the largest deer on the property, but my time a field was spent bowhunting in 75 - 80 degree weather. This was the third week of November. I'm sure anyone hunting the midwest at that time sure knows what I am talking about. I was starting to think I should have headed for the beach....hehe! My hunt lasted 5 days on a great looking piece of property that you had recommended to me. I was very impressed by the amount of game I was seeing, despite the very warm temperatures. In those five days, I saw 5 mule deer bucks, 4 whitetail bucks, and 14 other deer. Some unidentifiable due to distance, or brush. I also saw lots of pheasants, some turkeys, and heard oodles of coyotes singing to me from across the way! I want to thank you for your time, and advice on choosing a place to get started. I found an excellent funnel where I harvested this whitetail buck. The pictures where taken while the sun was just starting to greet the new day. As you can see by the first picture taken. This was truly an awesome time to take the photo! I was trying to set the timer on my camera, and laid it on my backpack to take the pictures, and capture the sky turning colors. You can hunt a lifetime and never get this rare opportunity to capture on film. Thanks again John for your help, and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Keith


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