Morning hunt started off really bad, before daylight bumped a huge flock of turkeys off the roost, figured I had blown everything off the whole farm. I hadn't seen a deer all morning til about 8:45, when I looked up at about 85 yds I could see a doe standing there and the back of another deer behind her. When it raised its head all I could see was antlers. This is when everything gets crazy. Coming from my left were 2 bucks through the thicket, from my right came 1 buck, they all converged on the buck and doe in front of me. This is where I witnessed my very first buck fight. I don't know how many bucks were fighting, could only see pieces here and there. It lasted for only a few seconds and then all the deer ran off to the right. I figure at this point I have nothing to lose, so I grab my rattling antlers and give it a whirl. About 5 minutes later, I catch movement from my right coming from the thicket. In just a matter of seconds I realized it was the original buck and grabbed my bow and released the arrow, the buck bolts and drops within sight. It was a mid 150s class. Moral of the the hunting matter how bad it starts, hang in there!!


My first late season midwest deer hunt. Per your instructions, find the food, find the deer. Evening hunt had to run the deer out of the field to get in the stand. The deer knew a huge weather system was coming. All evening deer paraded by, bucks, does and even turkeys. By the time this buck entered the field, the wind was blowing the snow so hard that is was hard to even make out in the binoculars. Thought I had made a good shot, but the deer still made it back to cedars. Made a decision immediatly to get down and look for blood, due to the fact of the blowing snow. As it turned out the deer only made it 20 yards out of the field, the buck was a mid 140s class 10pt. By the time I got back to the truck to get the sled and got back to the deer, got him field dressed and loaded on the sled, I was in my first full blown blizzard. On a whim, when I returned to the truck to get the sled, I grabbed my GPS to see how far of a walk it was from the truck to the buck. Turned out it was exactly a 1/2 mile back to the truck. Without the GPS, I don't think I would have made it back to the truck, because I could not see 2 feet in front of me. As you can tell the picture of me is right after I made it back to the truck with the deer. As bad I look in the picture, I actually loved every minute of it, but since then I have learned that I needed to invest in high quality winter clothing. Again thanks for all your hard work at putting together such a great association. More to come, Kevin and Brandy


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