...I've been a MAHA member for 4 years and some of the 5 hunters in our group have killed nice bucks in at least 3 of the 4 last years. I had come back in each of the last 3 years empty handed, but not this one. I killed this nice 11 pt on my third morning of our archery hunt...


It was very foggy and I heard him grunt twice before I ever seen him. I had sprayed some deer urine on both sides of my tree before I climbed up and he came within 10 yards of me. He gave me a broad sided shot never knowing that I was in the world until it was too late...He measured 20 7/8 inches wide, weighed 250 lbs and grossed 166 7/8 inches. I can't wait for next November. It has made coming back and hunting our smaller deer less satisfying...

......The second pic is my friend Cody with my buck in his right hand and his nice 11 pt in his left hand. What a morning for us both...



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